Do you want to get in shape? PositivePlus Weight Loss Programme.

Weight Management Programme 2018

It's Time To Get PositivePlus Results!
PositivePlus has a variety of weight control techniques that are employed into our specially designed Hypnotherapy PositivePlus Weight Control and Management Programme. 
You will be able to discuss through with me your intented targets and together we will work out your customised treatment therapy package. 
Hypnotherapy is more effective than diet plans on a long term basis but sensible eating and regular exercise is always advised to accompany any realistic achievements regarding weight loss.
The PositivePlus Elite
Weight Management Programme 
Free Consultation 
Reframing Compulsive Eating
Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management
Trianing in Self Hypnosis
Making Sensible Food Choices

Nutritional Support / Food Diary
Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food
Boosting Motivation to Exercise

Exercise / Fitness Support
Putting It All Together for Lasting Results

Mind Coaching for Success

Support with Behavioural Change and Healthier Living

Additional Supportive Techniques

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