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Equipped to provide the very best support and treatment.  

I bring together a combination of techniques to enable the client to achieve their inner potential. I can help many different people achieve their goals, ambitions, desires and alter certain behaviour patterns such as smoking habits or eating habits.


I commit to the professional standards set by the approved recognised bodies and will adjust or amend anything within this website that not be deemed appropriate, in addition we will keep abreast of new skills and knowledge and maintain approved high standards and methods of practice. Please note that the list below is just a guide to give you an idea of the wide range and diversity of the application of hypnosis.

I am not making claims that I can cure any condition or problem that a client may present with nor guaranteeing that you will achieve your goal. What I am saying is that I work closely with the you and utilise a variety of therapeutic techniques to increase the likelihood of you successfully meeting your personal goals and ambitions. I also believe that with the benefits of ongoing support you will most certainly increase your chances of achieving great outcomes.


PositivePlus therapy maybe able to help you with the following:
Abuse & trauma therapy
Accelerated studying
Accomplishing goals
Anger management 
Anxiety control
Anxiety about medical procedures
Assisting my spouse / partner to run the home
Anger management
Body image (changing perspective) 
Believing in yourself
Bereavement, loss & grief

Cancer, mind over matter - pain management / psychological aspects / support
(Hypnotherapy is NOT a Treatment Cure for Cancer it is a Complementary Therapy)

Claustrophobia, moderate
Computer anxiety
Concentration / help focusing
Confidence and determination
Confidence in meetings
Confidence in your abilities
Confrontational drivers, how to deal with them
Creating a safe space
Creativity (regaining or finding)
Critical Incident Debriefing
Dealing with divorce
Deep relaxation
Dental distress
Depression, moving onwards
Diet & nutrition
Driving anxiety
Driving test success
Easing someone from your mind
Eating, disorder
Ego strengthening, confidence & success
Energy boost
Exam anxiety
Exchange of energy
Exercise, motivation for
Exercise Support
Eliminate obsessive thinking
Fear and phobia's
Feeling positive everyday
Forgiveness of self and others
Forgiveness of family
Football (increased ability)
Future life progression - positive transitions
Gastric - hypno - band
Golf, improvement
Guilt release
Guilt and forgiveness 
Happiness (inner)
Healing, visualization and restoration
Healing, faster
Healing, self
Health coaching
Happiness in life
How to overcome love loss
Hypertension (lowering high blood pressure)
Hypno-Chemo Therapy 
Impatience, overcoming
Inner Child Therapy
Inner strengths
Insomnia - sleeping to success
Insomnia - focusing technique
Internet addiction
Interview success
Increase self-esteem 
Jealousy, dealing with
Job, interview
Loss of a loved one, dealing with
Loss of a job
Letting go of negative thoughts
Learning to say no
Letting go of bad event in life
Martial arts - focusing the mind 
Motivation and confidence
Motivation, improve
Migraine (stress related)
Maintaining goal weight 
Mistaken belief Therapy
Nail biting (stopping)
Nervousness (shrinking)
Overcoming writer’s block
Overcoming self doubt
Overcoming a relationship
Pain control
Pain release
Panic attacks (treatment)
Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT)
Peak performance
Perfect body (self perspective)
Personality, being positive
Physical exercise Support
Physical exercising (motivation)
Positive attitude
PositivePlus Programmes
Positive transitions - past life regression - future life progression. 
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)
Problem solving
Psoriasis (stress related)
Public speaking (finding confidence keeping your nerve) 
Pain control 
Preparation for surgery 
Past life regression - positive transition
Pain relief
Primary Hypertension
Progressive relaxation
Reaching your goals
Reinventing yourself
Relationships, security in
Relaxation (for the analytical mind)
Road rage (overcoming)
Relaxation techniques
Restless leg syndrome 
Self esteem Increased
Self hate (getting over)
Self hypnosis
Self worth
Separation / life change
Sexual (issues)
Shopping addiction
Shyness (getting over)
Smoking cessation programmes
Sports enhancement - reach for the gold!
Sports improvement
Stress Management (Specialism)
Studying, accelerated
Serenity (inner calm)
Self worth
Test taking
Turning your life around
Virtual - Gastric - Band (weight loss)
Weight loss programmes 
Weight loss, exercise more
Worry, distress, anxiety and trauma (reducing)

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