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Welcome to PositivePlus© where there are so many benefits available to you if you really want to make a positive change to your life. I offer a great range of therapies and I am fully insured to practice in a wide range of treatments and therapies modalities which are available in different locations to suit you!

Therapy can be delivered face to face in clinics, at home, online via or over the telephone, depending on the type of therapy deemed appropriate.

"I use integrative techniques encompassing a positive psychology approach, to enable the client to pull on their inner most resources, and to flourish in achieving their goals, instilling a state of happiness and personal well-being, in the pursuit of creating a optimal life balance". Tony Broughton.

Positive Psychology was in its early days shaped by many in the psychology arena such as Abraham Harold Maslow, Carl Ransom Rogers and Erich Seligmann Fromm. Positive Psychology only really came into its own very recently, when in 1999 Martin E. P. Seligman meet up with a group of academic scholars and initiated research into this subject.

Hypnotherapy, coaching and psychotherapy are a few modalities utilised to help people achieve their goals and ambitions such as achieving positive weight control and weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, increased motivation and sports performance, confidence issues, self empowerment and anxiety treatment with regards to fears and phobias. Inner Child Therapy can help with childhood abuse and traumas that affect us throughout our lives into adulthood.

My Mission Statement is to be a inspiring altruism holistic care therapist that transforms peoples lives by using my own formulary to include bespoke and adaptable therapies to best achieve client goals and effective positive transformation.

The free consultation enables you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have before any therapy takes place and also to give you the opportunity to take down various details and start on your personal treatment plan.

PositivePlus commits to the professional standards set by the approved recognised bodies and I will ensure that the information laid down within this website is accurate and up to date; in addition we will keep abreast of new skills and knowledge in maintaining high standards and innovative approaches to practice.

Visitors can utilise this site as a signpost to organisations and approved bodies to help them retrieve relevant resources and useful information.

If you want to know more information about me just click on the tab Profile in the sidebar or better still give me a call and have a informal discussion, or why not arrange a face to face no fee consultation. You will then see if I am the ideal therapist you help you with any issues you bring to therapy.

*PositivePlus is currently only providing voluntary therapies, help, advice and specialist treatments to people that have been screened appropriate for requiring these specific services.

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