Free Guided Meditation

We are in a time where there are so many exposures to stress on a daily basis and although stress can be positive to enable us to get things done it can also be very damaging to our health and well being. I have therefore create a open opportunity to have a free 1 to 1 introductory guided meditation session.

We will briefly look at what you key stressors are and select an appropriate mediation that suits.

Stressors may include environmental factors, noise, pollution, heat, cold, light, or something else. Daily stress; money, traffic, time, too busy or significant life changes; divorce, health scare, bereavement, feeling overwhelmed or lost etc.

Work stress: Deadlines, system changes, sustained exertion or even social pressures; family, friends and other demands.

This session can be very powerful and uplfting, heighten awareness, bring clarity or peace to mind.

Please contact me for your FREE 1-2-1 session now.

*One free session per person.