Competitive Edge

Sports Performance

Get ahead by gaining the advantage

Competitive EDGE is all about improving your game.

Are you a footballer, golfer, athlete or a competitive amateur sportsman?

You may have the capabilities and skills to be great within your field but are you really hitting your full stride, can you totally get into you're zone?

Mental strength, control, determination, stamina, confidence & composer are all elements within you, yet are you making the most of them, because you will need to bring them all together to be a true CHAMPION.

Everyone is different therefore you may require therapy to work on certain key and specific areas that maybe preventing you from maximising your full potential.

We will look at your range of abilities and look at where we can find improvements and fine tune you're maximum inner potential.

Get your EDGE at PositivePlus.

Remember other situation such as stress, family life or even an unresolved issue can impact up on you and have a bearing on your focus, this can affect your results. I can help you with these sort of issues in addition to getting you to push yourself further and break down any barriers that you may have encountered or built up yourself these are just some benefits of complete PositivePlus Therapy.

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