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Identifying the signs and causes of stress can enable you to find a PositivePlus solution!

Signs of Stress can include;

Chest pains - Bad headaches - Increased heart rate - sweating / hot flushes - Weight gain - Skin conditions - Frequent colds - Tensions - Muscle pain - Health problems - Feeling overloaded - Can't cope - Why me - What's wrong - Not able to sleep - Depressed - Frustrated - Self-pity - Hopelessness - Angry - Lonely - Irritable - Staying in bed - Drinking or smoking more - Avoiding people - Restlessness - Poor diet - Crying - Oversensitivity - Worry - Poor motivation - Pacing - Scratching - Taking sick leave - Difficulty getting things done or poor levels of concentration.

This is only a small list of the many effects STRESS can have on YOU.

Here at PositivePlus we explore the options to enable you to regain control, composure and serenity.

Stress is an emotional and physical strain caused by our response to a multitude of different pressures; it can be pressures for work or pressures from life at home. Stress can sometimes be is a sign to tell you that your dealing with too much and over a long period of time, this may not only be detrimental to your mental wellbeing but can impact on your physical health.

I understand that in these times we are constantly subject to daily stress yet we manage to cope and normalise this! It important that we all try to minimise overloads and constant stress where possible, in some cases we can manage this ourselves with a little bit of creative thinking!

Important point: Life can be much better when you are in a position o manage your stress levels and it does not effect your daily life which can lead to health problems if left untreated for a length of time.

Positiveplus can help you experience inner peace, calm and relaxation whilst in therapy but this is not the only methods available. I will be able to teach you techniques so you practice self-hypnosis or even guided hypnosis and relaxation with the use of audio's CD's. There are many applications and techniques available but it is very important that the correct methods are implemented for best results. I recommend arranging a free consultation with me and then you will be able to discuss how your feeling and what is causing you distress. Don't forget you are not tied into having any treatment or therapy. There are some methods and approaches once ascertained are a low cost to a no cost solution and can be an effective management plan to coping and managing adverse effects of stress effectively, I am also trained to use biofeedback equipment.

Training Available

Comprehensive training programmes available on how to manage day to day stress, occupational stress, minimising violence and how to perform risk assessments.

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