Useful Links

Professional Organisations (UK).

The National Council of Psychotherapists

Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists

The General Hypnotherapy Register & Standards Council

The National Council of Hypnotherapy

The Complimentary & Natural Heathcare Council

The Hypnotherapy Register

Registered Counsellors British Isles

National Centre for Smoking Cessation & Training


The Guild for Smoking Cessation Specialists and Therapists

The Guild for Stress Management & Trauma Specialist

The Guild of MindWorks Practitioners


The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapy

The Penny Parks Foundation

Other Links

Royal Society For Public Health

Institute of Leadership & Management

Institute of Health Promotion & Education

Mindworks Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Training

Later Life Training (LLT)

My Profile (LLT)