PICT (Inner Child)

Parks Inner Child Therapy

Positive Inner Healing and Changework.

Parks Inner Child Therapy also known as (PICT).

Penny Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) can help with a myriad of personal feelings, beliefs and traumas to include; trust issues, mistaken beliefs, low confidence, flashbacks, depression, abuse, relationship difficulties and many other aspects of your life, so after therapy you can move forwards with your life in a completely resolved state through having experiencing complete transformational change throughout your course of treatment.

PICT Therapy can help with the following issues and more:

* Childhood abuse.

* Mistaken or problematic beliefs that have been carried from childhood.

* Self abusing issues and self harm.

* Effects from Satanic Ritual Abuse.

* Depression.

* Flashback / traumatic events (Childhood & Adulthood).

* Relationship issues - don't like to be touched.

* Lack of confidence and low self worth.

* Obsessive behaviour.

* Panic, anxiety and phobias.

* Feelings of blame, shame or guilt.

* Security seeking.

* Sexual problems.

* Sleeping difficulties.

* Bereavement, loss and grief.

* Anger management.

* Critical incident debriefing.

* Assertiveness development.

* Reducing allergy symptoms.

PICT therapy and health coaching can resolve many problems, issues and trauma in a gentle therapeutic methodology unique to this approach. PICT will bring about total resolution so you can be free of ill beliefs, behaviours and feelings associated with trauma.

In Parks Inner Child Therapy...

"the way we work is efficient and thorough, providing rapid change that is gentle and resolves trauma, abuse and mistaken beliefs that can impact our daily lives.

Penny Parks

The Creator and Developer of Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) and the Author of Rescuing the 'Inner Child' and The Counsellor's Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy.

Please contact me for further information using the details below:

Email: broughton.tony@gmail.com

Tel: 0793 236 3837

Confidentiality Assured

PICT Therapy Training is an NCS Advanced Specialist Training Skills Course.

Confidentiality is assured unless client poses a significant risk to self or others: Professional Code of Practice override.