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Performance + Focus = X-cellence

Exercise programmes that will be bespoke to your individual requirements.

Assessments, Baseline Measuring and Goal Setting.

Toning and Slimming.

Flexibility, Stretching and Posture.

Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ).

Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Increased Fitness for Endurance.

Plyometrics and Explosive Power Training.

Muscle Building, Strength and Power.

Core Strengthening and Balance Training.

Bespoke Exercise Formulation.

Complete Body Workout.

Nutrition Guidance & Support.

Improve Your Body Composition.

Performance Mindset Coaching.

Health Promotion and Transformation.

Enhanced Exercise Formulary for Specific Sports Groups.

The Stand Alone PFX 360 Programme.

Personal Health Appraisal.

Engaging in Tailored Exercise can Transform Your Health, Well-being, Physique and Self Esteem.

The list above is just so indications of the support that is available, but more importantly very important to have a chat / informal consultation so I am able to provide the best help and support for your goals.

It is important to me that I enable people who genuinely want to achieve positive goals get the best support available, I want to be able to help real people who may also have individual challenges such as low confidence, being overweight or just not knowing where o start in creating a new healthier lifestyle.

This is why combining my therapeutic skill with personal training is a unique and an amazing concept available to you. You get all the support and therapy in one package.


Hi there,

I will be your personal trainer and coach in achieving your goals and ideals, whether you are wanting to just feel healthier, lose weight or you are aiming to increase strength, power and hypertrophy.

I will be supporting you all the way and providing mindset coaching so you don't lose momentum.

PFX all the way.

Gym - Personal Training - GP Referral - Diet & Nutrition Meal Planning - Mind-Set Coaching - Preventative & Restorative Healthcare Specialist - Exercise for Specialist Groups - Specialist Mentoring and Coaching for Sports Professionals.

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