Fears, Phobias & Anxieties

Fears, Phobias & Anxieties

Our holistic interventions can help treat people who are suffering from many types of fear and phobic conditions.

Please note that this list below of fears and phobic conditions is only intended to give the reader a general indication of some treatable conditions!

Some fears and phobic conditions are sometimes so sevare that the client may not be able to fully overcome the distress of it, but with the right course of therapy a client maybe able to minimise the intensity of the fear / phobic condition. PositivePlus makes no claims to be able to remove totally any specific fears not only that but some fears are necassary as this involves life learning and includes secondary gains. PositivePlus commits to working with the client to achieve beneficial outcomes and working towards minimising the distress and effects of phobic conditions.

PositivePlus can provide help in reducing your anxiety

levels in regards a variety of fear and phobic conditions.

Fear of Air Turbulence

Fear of Anaesthesia Awareness

Fear of Authority

Fear of Balloons (Globophobia)

Fear of Bees and Wasps

Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Being Alone for Children

Fear of Birds

Fear of Blood

Fear of Bodily Functions

Fear of Buttons

Fear of Cats

Fear of Childbirth

Fear of Inserting Lenses

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Crowds (Enochlophobia)

Fear of the Dark

Fear of Death

Fear of Dental Treatment

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Driving

Fear of Eating in Public

Fear of Escalators

Fear of Inserting Eye Drops

Fear of Failure

Fear of Fear

Fear of Flying

Fear of Frogs

Fear of Germs

Fear of Hospitals

Fear of falling over on snow and ice and skiing

Fear of Injections

Fear of Insects

Fear of Internal Examinations

Fear of Intimacy

Fear of Lifts (Elevators)

Fear of Lizards

Fear of Long Flights

Fear of Loud Noises

Fear of Moths

Fear of Motorway Driving

Fear of MRI Scans

Fear of Needles

Fear of Old Age

Fear of Pregnancy

Fears of Rats and Mice

Fears of Rejections

Fears of Falling Asleep while Driving

Fear of Snakes

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Success

Fear of Technology (Computers & Email Specific)

Fear of Talking on the Telephone

Fear of Thunderstorms

Fear of going to the Toilet in Public

Fear of Tornado for Children

Fear of Travel

Fear of Travelling by Underground/Subway/Metro

Fear of Viral Contamination

Fear of Vomiting

Fear of Warmth (on skin)

Fear of Water

Fearless Flying

Fear of Dentist for Children

Fear of Needles for Children

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