Psychotherapy Plus (Phobia Treatment Plan)

Treating Phobia's is one of my specialist areas if you need help getting on with your life and a phobia is holding you back or preventing you from achieving your inner potential. You will normally find that the cause of phobias can usually be traced back to an experience where a strong emotional response has become associated at an unconscious level with a particular trigger or stimulus, usually as the result of some emotionally charged event. When you are re-presented with the trigger, for example, seeing a spider, the associated response is triggered, most commonly resulting in extreme feelings of anxiety, fear and panic. The most complete and effective way to eliminate or reduce the phobia is to break the unconscious association between the stimulus and the response.

Trying to deal with a phobia at a conscious level is more than often ineffective. This is because phobias happen automatically below the level of conscious awareness. In fact many people are already aware of how illogical their phobic reaction is, but no matter how much they attempt to consciously control and rationalise it, they still experience them.

It really is important to work out what it is you are actually suffering from, as many people assume they have a phobia, when in fact they have an anxiety or a panic disorder, which can be more complex and needs to be treated differently to a phobia. It is common for people to have both a phobia and anxiety; we will be able to work through and discuss your case during your with me at your consultation so don’t worry. If you are wondering why I am saying I am able to help, this is simply because I have worked in Caring Services for over twenty-two years and Mental Health Services (NHS) for over ten of them, I have many qualifications in regards holistic therapeutic techniques and now I am qualified in the field of Advanced Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Inner Child Therapy. I am able to bring this vast wealth of training and experience to you, I am also pursuing further studies to enhance and broaden the range of help I can provide to clients as a dedicated professional.

Remember I am here to help you!

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