The PositivePlus Gastric-Hypno-Band Programme.

PositivePlus Gastric-Hypno-Band Programme

Safe - Effective - Complete Treatment - Ongoing Support

The PositivePlus Gastric-Hypno-band Programme is a revolutionary hypnotherapy treatment designed for people who desperately want to lose weight. It has all the results of gastric band surgery – you will eat smaller portions and feel full – but is completely safe and pain free.

Your first session normally last up to 90 minutes and is excellent for those who want to start their weight loss programme with a good kick! Most people will be able to see the PositivePlus effects take shape early within the Programme sometimes even after the first therapy session. All further sessions are around 60 minutes long, during the programme not only will you eat less but Hypnotherapy will also be used to turn you away from unhealthy foods and move you towards healthy foods, eating slowly, eating when hungry, not bored!

Putting you back in control of your life again!

The system is a long term solution to your weight problems.

The PositivePlus Gastric-Hypno-Band Programme allows the client to retain a subconscious belief that a real band has been fitted, leaving the stomach unable to cope with large meals.

By using the PositivePlus Gastric-Hypno-Band Programme you will discover that you can eat less, feeling full more quickly and satisfied with smaller amounts of food. The PositivePlus Gastric-Hypno-Band Programme convinces your mind that your stomach size has been reduced to the size of a golf ball, allowing you to eat less and feel full at the same time.

PositivePlus Hypnotherapy™

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