Do you want to know more about a previous life or future life?

Positive Transitions

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

I have been asked recently about Past Life Regression and do I provide this sort of therapy! Well the answer is YES I provide hypnotherapy that covers a vast array of specific treatments and therapy.

The reason I was asked about this type of therapy was because they were very inquisitive regarding what their life may have been like in a prior life and they wanted to know if their health ailments were in any way connected to their past.

I understand everyone as their own view towards these things but I am comfortable and competent to assist clients through the use of hypnosis to unlock, reveal and answer some of their questions.

The techniques I follow in terms of regression are that written by the Great Master Roy Hunter, MS, CHt.

Maybe you will be able to unlock a piece of your current life from your subconscious mind.

This will give you opportunities to explore issues, lay to rest your curiosity and maybe even help release an unresolved problem or issue.

Positive Transitions - Future Life Progression

Are you the type of person that would like to know about a future life

Future life progression similar to past life regression but moving forward into the future

Those of us who seek - will discover.

*This therapeutic techniques is not supported by Evidenced Based Treatments

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